• mazzie

    Nice and all, but how many cabinets do you need for soap. and some towels….???

    • Mother Pus Bucket

      I thought the same thing. Maybe extra pantry space for groceries?

    • Smartie

      I have a lot of towels (bath, hand and face) so at least 3 for those. 1 for soap, laundry detergent etc. Then there is all cleaning supplies (cleaning cupboard in laundry room is quite smart thing to have). Also you need space for iron and all stuff needed for ironing. I also store clean kitchen towels in my laundry room. And sheets etc.

      So if you have a family, the more space you have in your laundry room, the easier it is to keep the house organized and mess-free.

      Haha, did not plan to write an essay about this subject.😀

    • silverfire

      no kidding! Some of those laundry rooms are bigger than half my house!

  • Chubby

    So clean.

    So let's bring the piles of laundry in now.
    Imagine MY "beautiful, nice and so clean" laundry room with a family of five, one dog and two cats. :)

    • kmhogan

      Seriously, I would be happy sprucing mine up with just having laundry DONE for once.

  • mrshelderman

    I thought this was going to be ideas for sprucing my laundry room up, not a bunch of laundry rooms no one can afford, and also aren't practical!

  • Mari

    Is it just me or do some of them look like kitchens?

  • kelly

    #11 WOW! Want that wallpaper!

  • Sarah

    Why are there three machines in #13?

    • Chubby

      Secret hiding place for cookies and lots of chocolate?
      After doing the laundry I think everyone earns a treat, so…

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