• ErinKate

    #23 Oh my, be mine? What a smile. Who knew there were so many baseball babes?

  • bittersweetroo

    Only ONE Boston Boy?????? C'monnnnnnnn! #30, All hail the green monsta…. but WHERES PAPPELBON??? Mmmm he's yum yum

  • me2

    Um, NO.

    • http://www.dayinthelifeofaskygurl.blogspot.com LAskygurl

      he had his time….but captain is getting up there as well as his hairline :p

  • lalalena

    Dang! #5 and #13

  • I <3 Angels Baseball

    The ANGELS have lots of good-looking men on their roster !!!!
    Mike Trout, CJ Wilson, Mark Trumbo, Jared Weaver, Peter Bourjos, Josh Hamilton, Chris Iannetta, Howard Kendrick, John Hester,

  • brigid

    #12 those are some beautiful men GO AKRON AEROS #hometown:)

  • Miss_e

    So Proud of the Giants!!!! Just another reason why I love them!!! Please do more Baseball Hotties makes the day better

  • Morgan

    #2 #13 #23 oh yes!!! thank you berry for this wonderful album! love me some baseball boys! more importantly baseball boys in baseball pants! *sigh*

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