• dkellyb

    #1 nope.:)

    • kmhogan

      stole the word right out of my mouth.

  • LowCal

    #15, show 'em how to do it, girl! Nice work!

  • Pat

    #14 looking great! Strong is sexy.

  • Sam

    #19 I'm a Perth berry follower too – recognised the city straight away:)

    • MissTegan

      Me too!😀 know the exact spot in fact such a beautiful area of this beautiful city!

  • Sherlock

    #7 challenge accepted

  • http://countrycraftin.wordpress.com/ fromtheholler

    Nice to see someone who doesn't have toothpicks for thighs. #14

  • Erin

    #7…The Hell? The next time I'm at Sports Authority I'm just gonna start doing this.. . lol

    • doerteee

      How did she even get up there :O

  • QueenBoudica

    #9 Inspiration 10 fold! Shows you don't need to be in *perfect* shape to do advanced workouts!

  • Hbomb

    #14- where did you get those shorts?? I LOVE THEM!

  • Mon

    #17 Damn Miss. Watson!

  • Caters

    I know they're meant to be motivating, but the food pics just make me hungry!

  • sanjchee

    #14 wow amazing, i'm glad your team did well and btw i totally envy you, those guys look hot!😉
    #17 didn't know emma had such a nice hourglass figure! wish i had a cinched waist like that!

  • Arrived?

    #1 Been sweating and working hard and fight and crying for almost a year. Reached the weightloss goal the doctor set me. Even passed it.
    Been waiting for this moment to make my 'after' picture and now I'm just petrified that if I make it 'official', I'll gain it back and have that bloody photo on the berry to haunt me.

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