• themanager

    #16 especially true

  • Sarah

    1) Barney Stinson is a heterosexual character; Neil Patrick Harris is the homosexual actor who plays him, and it's not his twitter account 2) even if it were NPH's account, gay men can aren't barred from making girlfriend jokes for people who have girlfriends to laugh at 3) "that homo" is rude and condescending

  • kmhogan

    I can definitely understand how that comment offends you, seeing how you have never had a girlfriend, and with that douche bag attitude I hope you never do.

  • shameonyou

    Sarah said it best and I do agree with kmhogan. This world would be better off if rude and homophobic people such as yourself were not allowed to procreate. Do us all a favor and stay off theBerry.

    • crushgotcrushed

      Sweet!!!! Saw this idiots rant this morning and was pretty well disgusted at how they behaved. Glad theBerry ladies got rid of his tirade.

  • DrOfPsych


    Love me some Jenna and Max No Sleeves!!

  • katastrophe89

    #10 sad. But true lol

  • Suggie

    #8 Me for the last three hours! OMG. I'm lazy after all.

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