• rugrat


    love it
    miss it
    want it

  • Seldi84

    #19. Bloody Nora. I have not thought of Tailspin in years. I now want to watch every episode again

  • Meghan

    I had #10 haha

  • Amanda

    I totally had #7 #8 and #9 as a kid. I had totally forgotten about those!!

  • SweetGinger

    #7 I totally had this!

  • nicki

    OMG #19!!! I remember that one!

  • lara

    No you are not too old. I think people would be happier at work if they had lunch boxes like this. It would make them smile when it was time for lunch:-)

  • abby

    I HAD A metal "MUPPETS Pigs In Space" lunchbox. I am 37 and I think my Mom still has it hanging on her basement wall. :) I'll have to take a pic and send it to The Berry!

  • Grammar Nazi

    You are a professional blogger. It's embarrassing that you don't know the difference between "to" and "too".

  • spitfire

    I would ♡♡ to get #7 or #9 for my 4 yr old!!!!! she's all about mlp right now!!!

  • Amber

    #1 LOVING this cover for the Misc.

    • Ronn!e

      Me too!
      Doctor Who❤

  • Annie

    I loved #7 and kept it until I was in my late teens. Think my mom still has it!

  • ssoph

    i take #5 + #8!

  • GHT

    I still use the 'Nora the Explorer' lunchbox my little niece gave me years ago, To the delight if female colleagues.

    • GHT

      And I am 62

  • Mallory

    My coworker is in his 40s and uses a Charlie Brown lunch box. I think they are awesome!

  • Robin

    I totally had #7 when I was little❤ I miss all my MLPs, so much more awesome than the new ones. Additionally, I totally have a Mario Party lunchbox that my first child will be required to use when he/she is school age. Just sayin'

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