Nightcap (21 photos)

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  • katastrophe89

    I actually like #12 I think it's beautiful. Not really something I'd wear to the supermarket…but not hideous.

    • Tenika

      I'm sorry, does she have a face on her CROTCH!?!?!?

  • Kelsey


  • MontanaGirl76

    I feel like I just watched a fashion show inspired by the hunger games, produced by Tim Burton and I'm not sure what I think anymore!

  • alex

    #7 is actually awesome looking if you ditched that weird hat thing, IMO.

    • MrsBuck

      Yeah, the blue dress with that flair would be really pretty without all that shit covering it:/

    • ThigWife

      Is the only kinda normal one and #9

  • jillymcbean

    #11 I think he's questioning his career path at that moment…but he does have some rockin' gams on him!

    • ashley

      are u sure that's a guy???

      • jillymcbean

        After I posted the comment, I was no longer so certain. I was going by the jaw, waistline, and neck. Androgyny confuses me.😛

  • Sue

    #12 and #13 are the most decent looking ones on here. I like the shorts on #14 though. And, that's it.

  • MNExpat

    I know that fashion is supposed to be art, but 1) does anybody but this stuff and 2) do designers really think it looks better on models who look like heroin addicts who are sucking in their cheeks and have had spikes shoved up their bottoms? I mean, I looked happier during my prep for my colonoscopy for crying out loud.

    • dkellyb

      I am not sure we should call it art anymore… I feel like 4 year olds can do a better job at "designing" clothes than what is shown here… D:

  • Ann Marie

    #7 and #14 i love it

  • Sarah

    Fashion. What are you doing? Fashion. Stahp!

  • Sophie

    #12 – YES! I actually love this! pair it with the right accessories, shows and a leather jacket and you got one bad ass dress!

    #20 – Keep the jacket, ditch the rest for dark wash denim and a white tshirt..

    • Sophie

      SHOES I mean.. SHOOOES!

  • xoxo

    #9 looks like she wearing a giant sunhat.

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