Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

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  • JessiM

    #12 I'm learning after moving to Wisconsin that yes…yes this is true..it was 40 degrees last week and I was wearing open toed shoes it felt like SPRING:/

    • Candy

      Its like 66 right now in San Diego. I had to cancel my plans, make some hot tea, curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket and watch Pride and Prejudice.

      Alright, maybe that has nothing to do with the weather…

      • Akbaby

        Or in Alaska! We do the same!

    • http://twitter.com/HeyHeyItzRay @HeyHeyItzRay

      *note to self – don't move to Wisconsin or Alaska. LOL

    • Kaitttt

      50 degrees is wonderful in Wisconsin…I love that I can break out my shorts and flip flops. lol

  • Erika

    #29 aweeeee love you Berry girls.

  • Guest

    #29 Speaking of….when are we going to see the pics from that?

  • bamboo

    i've live in WI my whole life. It was 40 this weekend i saw a handful of folks wearing flip flops and shorts. that's warm (for us!) but not flips flop and shorts weather. #12

    i feel bad for the people who live in states that don't normally get snow- they have no systems in place to deal with that sort of thing. I hope they try and make the best of it! #35

    • Akbaby

      Same for us Alaskans!

    • MLDM

      #35 "Blizzard", you can still see things on the ground!

    • Ashley

      It doesn't NORMALLY snow in Texas, right?

    • Emily

      We normally get snow, just not 19 inches in 12 hours!!

    • Emily

      And not combined with winds gusting up to 65 miles per hour!

  • Pretzo Jetzo Maker

    At first, I was like, "Ugh, #40 with the hickey on the neck." But then… I realized I am just jealous of the lucky person that got to put it there…😦

    • Katimiss

      No no… Still ugh for having a hickey… Ugh #40

      • blakphone


    • Sammie

      It looks like some one bit him

    • fyi

      Its a bruise. Look at both sides just below his clavicle. You'll see yellow bruising and additional redness. If a woman did that, she's probably in jail now…

    • MNExpat

      In order to properly settle this debate, I believe we need more, higher quality pictures. Perhaps from various angles. And they should be larger.:)

      • FrauWill'sWissen

        I second this! and he should be nekkid in them!:-)

        • Batgurl369

          Hmm I third this! MOAR!!!

  • student-tastic

    #36 May you rest in peace you beautiful ginger man

  • SassyPants

    #25 Awesome idea for a seriously CUTE kid!!

  • Sara

    #40 former oil kings player! We got hot hockey boys here in Canada!

    • Lisa

      Really?? Who is it?!

    • brainsock

      please for the love of god who is this? MUST HAVE MOAR!

  • JayMC

    Luv you Mr. Hardy.

    • Janina

      it looks like ashton kutcher a bit

  • lulu

    #40 More please.

  • Sonia

    #19 is the most evil thing i've ever seen!

  • Jen

    #23 that is the hands of two different people.

    #25 I love it! We have a little one with SB too. We've made a few modified pieces of equipment for scooting around but this is amazing! Big giant BERRYfive!

    • thequeenofdating

      #23 is this thing called a joke..

  • http://twitter.com/FollowTraveler @FollowTraveler

    #19 You bastard. You clever clever bastard…
    #27 …why?

  • shine

    #25 oh my GOODNESS that kid is ADORABLE!!!

  • ASD

    Wouldn't… the beer spill out if she opens it at that angle??

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Dangit Berry, every time you post pictures of #36, I always want to cry.😦 I miss Ryan so much.

  • Marissak21

    #9 Kamikaze Elmo

  • LowCal

    Nicely done, #25. Cute little guy.

  • katastrophe89

    #4 I need these. I'd look like such a BAMF:)

  • Cate

    #37 and #38 is jack harries from jacksgap on youtube. all of his videos are this funny!

  • Emz

    #38 & #39 I laughed waaay too hard at that! Also, MOAR of #40!!

    • Emz

      Oops totally meant #37 & #38

  • His*Girl

    #36 Ryan was the nicest member of Jackass/Cky Crew that I'd ever met. He was always smiling and always trying to make other people smile too. He is missed by many. RIP Random Hero.

  • Whatthewhat

    #9 couldn't stop watching it, made me laugh every time!!

  • grace

    #35 looks like a normal day in MN:)

  • Tami

    #40 yes we need MOAR

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