• Crush

    Will always be a Nickelodeon kid!

  • Seldi84

    #21 he was annoying even as a kid.

  • socalmarti

    #6 Kids Incorporated!!!

  • http://twitter.com/HeyHeyItzRay @HeyHeyItzRay

    I totally remember watching #4 so much as a kid.

    • Kate

      I remember this movie, but can't think of it's name. Can anyone help???

      • Sara

        Wish upon a star… loved that movie!

        • Ginga

          It was on Netflix…. Just so you know:) it holds up.

    • Nat

      I LOVED Katherine Heigl in this movie!!

  • Mooch

    So you can take the time to input links that tell me where to buy their clothes, but posting names is still too difficult? This makes me sad. Still. Again.

    • anon

      agreed…it's just laziness!

  • Mari

    Names would have been nice. There are a few I didn't recognize…

    • RichVee

      More than half I didn't recognize:\

  • Tomb_Raider

    What happened to #11? I forgot her name

  • kait

    #13 love this movie! And I miss even Steven and Lizzie McGuire

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