• dkellyb

    Daily motivation is just making me wish my foot was better, now😦

    • David

      Same with my ITBS but that's exactly why I opened it up right before I do my rehab workouts. Good luck with you foot!

      • dkellyb

        Good luck to you too! ITBS seems much more annoying than a sprained foot, so you probably need it more😉

  • VC98

    #5 def the lbs

  • Thanks

    #6 Not bad for being a 31 year old? Since when is that an age that you can reference as an example of your ability to achieve a fitness goal?

    • Josh

      You are so right 31??? Really? I'm 36 and can kick my 21 year old selfs butt. Age does not indicate ones self esteem. If you take the best care of yourself as you can, women are like fine wine just maturing into their beauty/mind/hear after 30. Never too late to start either. Feed your body, mind and soul, garbage and guess what you become….

      • Josh


    • xoxo

      I think she thinks 31 is old.

  • Tenika

    #17….DAMN! You are so very Berry Worthy!

    • Abbey

      No, he really isn't. Open your eyes, Tenika.

      • CeeCee

        Rude much?

      • Punch My Face

        Gonna get a lot of -1's here too, but…yeah. I'm all for losing weight if it's healthy, but not everyone is Berry-worthy.

      • Sarah

        Hey… don't be mean.

      • Think before u speak

        Shallow much? You know that he's going to see that this is posted and it's going to hurt that someone like you and 'Punch my Face' took the time to say something negative about him. Looks are not everything. It is ok that you don't find him attractive, but you don't need to judge someone who does. Don't put anymore negativity into the world.

        • twd22285

          ^this had to be said. Thank you 'Think before u speak'

    • Tenika

      Not sure if everyone knows this, but I may find someone attractive, while YOU may not. If we all liked the same physical features, then the world would be a very sad place.

      • And you this

        Actually the world would be great

  • Josh


  • http://countrycraftin.wordpress.com/ fromtheholler

    #5 Is what I tell myself every day. I don't have 30lbs to get rid of, but it's just a half an hour of exercise! Anyone can find a half an hour.

  • Simeon

    #4 Heyyyyyy , that's my country😀.

    • smarterfootball

      That particular lady is doing it wrong.

  • Paul G

    Sweet chinstrap, bro.

  • Keefer

    You're all gonna die in the end. Eat a cheeseburger.

  • elder

    #3 hahahaha the irony…

  • StuBear88

    #9 Feet off the mirror please woman.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #20 – lululemon is taking over the world.

  • Nic

    This is bogus just to let all you ladies know. You cannot burn fat in a target area. Fat is burned collectively throughout the body. NASM cPT

  • TheBAMFinater

    #6 OMG you're 31?!?! Why aren't you in an old folks home?
    did you miss the 90 y/o who runs marathons yesterday on the Chive? When you get to his age, you can say not bad for 90.

    • dima_c

      absolutely right! although, the runner is 101.😉

  • Cleaning guy

    #9 I just cleaned that mirror. Jerk

  • Carr

    #10 – fact.

  • fail

    #6 FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL….not bad for a 31 year old..Pffffffft.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kimber.sunshine Kimber Miller

    #17 You're gorgeous baby doll! Thanks! -Chivette

  • Yume_girl

    I'm in real shitty shape, and feel discusted with my own body. I hope to change that. So I just resently started working out. Yesterday I felt so demotivated I started crying in yoga-class… Had to run out of there before anyone noticed😛 But; #10
    And with time and hard work I hope to get to #21
    Thanks for the inspiration Berries:)

  • http://www.pierrefraser.ca Pierre

    That butt is perfection!!!


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