Here comes the brid(al gown) (19 photos)


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  • fashionfollowsher

    Every girls dream dresses!

  • chihuahua_cat

    if this isn't a weekly feature yet, it needs to be.

  • doerteee

    #18 i want her boobs :D

  • katastrophe89

    I would totally wear #3 and #16. and I wouldn't wear #17 but the back is just gorgeous.

  • Carr

    #16 – love!

  • Gloria

    #13 is a Jusin Alexander… I bought this dress in coffee but instead of it being tea length it was a traditional long one… I loved it!

  • Lisa

    So surprised to see that #12 was my wedding dress! Love it!

  • sammyg14

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    Purely Celestial

  • Corie

    I've searched and searched for #9 and can't find it. Does anyone know who makes it? Or can give advice on my search?

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