• kooshbox

    #11 Truth! First!

  • AstroMikeDexter

    #9 #12 You'd assume a post about college would have correct grammar. Maybe these folks dropped out.

    • doerte

      Or maybe English isn't their first language. :O

  • Kris

    #12 looks better than my undergrad dorm room. We had pipes (at the ceiling of about 11') that we were told not to mess with the insulation because they "might" contain asbestos.

    • Sarah

      LMAO. Well as long as you don't mess with them, asbestos is nothing to worry about.

  • http://collegecandy.com/2013/02/27/disney-city-girl-video-game/ Disney’s New Fashionista Video Game Is, Like, So Accurate – NOT [Candy Dish] : CollegeCandy – Life, Love & Style For The College Girl

    […] Here’s why you should never graduate college. […]


    #19 for those of you still in college, go online and buy the previous edition, or in my case, 2 editions prior. I bought my physics book for about $1.50 and used it all year with no problems.

  • Shae

    I have done #18 before. It cools drinks down faster than the fridge/freezer. Also, was perfect when the power went out during a New Year's Eve party. Just kept all the drinks on the back deck.

  • Fer Cyccone

    …Because laser pointers are so mainstream…

    • Cami

      He's a professor at Texas State University-San Marcos. I'm the GA for the Teaching theaters and he really doesn't like laser pointers or normal microphones. So we hook him up what we call the "Madonna" mic and keep a bamboo stick for him.

  • sanjchee

    #14 WOWZA!

  • dima_c

    #16 thats ironic

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  • njassman

    #9 i have lost many brain cells before, during and after exams

  • Hoot

    #19 that is funny.. #2 is about the only drinking game i have never played before but it looks like fun!

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