Nicki Minaj, just STAHP (20 photos)


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  • Kayla

    I actually like that.

  • silverfire

    Boy I can't wait until she drops off the face of the planet.

  • Sarah

    #13 is hilarious.

  • nattyann

    Don't care—love her. She's crazy and it's ok.

  • meganmassey

    i feel like this post was almost bullying, the berry is about being positive, some of these pics were plain NASTY

  • cecily

    Rude berry. Whether you like her or not, don't be judgemental beez in the trap

  • Kase

    I find it a bit absurd that you post this slam on a woman that, even if not your cup of tea, has a fierce and original style and personality all her own. Yet you drool all over the Kardashian's…. ? Are you Fucking kidding me??
    Makes me wonder about the kind of people working @

    • Jen

      Exactly! Not a fan of either nicki minaj or the kardashians but why the hypocrisy? Stop the bullying berry, it's not a good look especially when it's women.

  • Suzy Renee

    berry, what have you become?

    why the hate?

  • Charli

    This was kind of snarky post, which is something I wouldn't expect from The Berry. You guys are usually so positive, so this puzzling and a rather sad. One of the reasons I like this site so much is because it stayed away from all the cattiness and judgements found on other websites geared towards women. Please don't go down that road.

  • Meghan

    I'm thinking it's meant to be a joke by posting these pictures of her, however, it is in a sense, bullying.
    In that sense, I like Nicki Minaj, but hate her style…

  • Kara

    She looks pretty good in #3. Even if her hair is green. HAWT

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