AEC: Bearded hotties (27 photos)


Do you know someone that is HMOTB worthy? Click SUBMIT to send their pic! BERRY love, Emily

  • thaomeow

    #22 #27 'nuff said.

  • Seldi84

    #4. I've had a beard for 5 years now and I could never grow a beard that damn magnificent.

  • Rosie

    #19 Jon Snow you have my heart!

    • Riyo

      You know nothing Jon snow

  • Jaime

    Whet does AEC stand for??

    • Mel

      Afternoon Eye Candy! :)

      • Jaime

        Thank you berry much! ;-)

    • Moe

      Afternoon Eye Candy

  • T.M.

    #16 #17 and #6
    Hot men, and I gotta love a fellow ginger, all for the WIN!

  • Mallory

    #22 *butterflies*

  • Rebecca

    love #27 something like this should be at the end of all AEC

    • Rosie


  • Lacey

    #4 so much man i dont even know what to do with myself!

  • @heidenserin

    Does anybody happen to know who #21 is? I appreciate your help :-)

    • melanie5000

      I wish I did…

    • Rachel

      Ben Barnes. He is a British Actor :)

      • @heidenserin

        Thank you, Rachel :-)

    • Sue

      It looks like the actor Ben Barnes.

    • Sailor Lee

      its Ben Barnes

    • Samitotaquito

      Ben Barnes

  • lalalena

    Where's Scott Avett?!

    • andicaro

      You can have Scott if I can have Seth! Ps.. you have fantastic taste in music

  • Melissa

    Why hasn't gotye gotten his own post yet

  • Realbeardsunite

    Half of these are poor excuses for beards.

    • cbox73

      I would call the majority of them 'scruff' or a good '5 o'clock' shadow, not beards. And every time the Berry does a beard post and refuses to post any hockey players (with their amazing playoff beards) my heart dies a little more.

      • doerteee

        We just need another hockey mega post.

  • Michelle

    Does #3 look like his head has been photoshopped to be like twice the size of his body??

  • nan

    anyone identify #1?

    • caitstef

      Gotye, you know, singer of "Somebody That I Used to Know".

  • sam

    #10 #25 MMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMMM :D

  • @MissyWere

    #10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #27 bahahaha epic!

  • Joanna

    #1 have the HUGEST crush on him. #6 is pretty damn hot, too. <3 redheads!

  • Nini

    Can't believe you left out Tom Hardy and his amazing caveman beard.

  • Turassa

    #27 makes me wanna have babies.. and I don't want babies.

  • valerie

    #19 is my Husband to be
    and #21 is just DELISH

  • ThigWife

    So many good ones I can not pick!!!

  • Rebel Wilson's Thigh

    The Berry is really sucking, so many guys send pictures and yet 2/3 of your pictures of celebrities… At least The Chive puts more real girls, PUT SOME REAL GUYS

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