disturbing. where is "Quietus" when you need it?

  • katastrophe89

    I think it's kinda cute:)

  • Novalee531

    These are too freaking cute

  • Femtrooper

    Tiny Adele is adorable. :3

  • Caroline


  • Lisa

    Dude….this is weird and creepy.

  • Guest

    Weird, creepy , and wrong. The kids look like something from American Horror.

    • Guest

      3,7, and 8 anyway.

  • judy

    but … why?

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  • random

    I don't understand… Why is this a new "trend" ?

  • hollywood22

    I don't understand what's so disturbing about this? Did none of you play in your mother's/grandmother's make-up and clothes to play dress up when you were a little girl? Strut in a boa, your plastic heels, lipstick and little else? These children are covered up, it's not like they are modeling childrens clothing. This is a fun photoshoot for them. Nothing sexualized about it! To whomever said "let children be children," I don't know what's more childlike than playing dress up.

    • Kelsey

      I agree! I feel like they all had so much fun doing this! I know I would have as a child.

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