• cornishpix

    Jb ruined it, also no Jared Leto??? he has some seriously beauty going on xx

  • Valerie

    #21. #24 and #26 can stare at me FOREVER!!!!

  • Lola

    Biebs but no Matt Bomer? Seriously? My boyfriend would go gay for those eyes!

  • mrshelderman

    Just for argument's sake. I would like to say that Andrew Garfield, Ryan Kwanten, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Heath Ledger are all some men with some pretty amazing dark brown eyes! Dark eyes can be attractive as well.

  • treehugger

    I want #1 face on my face, like, I want to french you, boy!!

  • valerie

    Who is #1??? He is yummy

    • treehugger

      can't remember his name, but he was on american idol a while back and has a total panty creamer voice.

    • pooma9oo

      His name is Jason Castro. He has a nice voice, watching him sing is panty warming

  • Krystal

    Loved this post! #8 is my fave:)

  • Steph

    Is #1 a guy?

  • Tor_c

    #20 and #24 😍

  • Donna

    #8I am a grown woman with kids his age but, I love Darren Criss. So cute!

  • Allie

    Guys with light blue eyes freak me out a little. It's like you can see right into their soul. Or maybe see the absence of one! EEEK!!

  • JayUK

    #1 looks like the secret love child of John Travolta…:/

    • treehugger

      Oh my God, you might have just ruined the crush I had going on……..

  • Sookie

    No Matt Bomer?!…. He has Amazing blue eyes!

  • jasmine

    #14 moar please:)

  • danielle

    throw the bieber out.

  • Kaci

    I have met number one and have that picture signed:)

  • Cammii

    Where's Matt Bomer?

    # 7 is too pretty for words!

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