• Joanna

    #37 is the sweetest girl! I hate pageants but know Emerald through a group of friends, and she is nothing like the other girls they show on that show. Super sweet and funny.

  • Soph

    As soon as I saw #27 I thought "Here come the internet-feminists"…

    • Abby

      Being a feminist means believing in equal rights. I don't see a good reason to not be a feminist.

  • nik

    #35 Take my Money! Love it!!! Hubs is getting #39 next Valentine's. LOL

  • Crush

    Just when I think the Berry can't get any funnier, they slap on #2 and #7…..THAT is fucking hilarious!

  • kristin

    #40 … you just caused the elusive eyebrow raise… hello

  • Cait

    #1 i love her boots. I want them lol

  • kenedyblowrd

    #40 If that's the case, I'd drop the GOOFY smile. u look dorky.

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