When they were young ones (21 photos)

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  • Emily

    #15 I was trying to guess the names myself, and my first guess for this one was Amy Farrah-Fowler hahaha

    • Not Me

      My guess was Blossom.

  • silverfire

    Mayim Bialik plays both of those people….

    • Emily

      Oh, I know! I just couldn't remember her real name:)

  • meehh

    whoa john travolta had giant baby alien eye!

  • socalmarti

    #20 just gives me the creeps now!

    • Akbaby

      Lol me too! Crazy weird picture.

  • doerte

    #17 has always been beautiful.

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  • Dr. No

    #1 I love that she hasn't had any work done. She looks like a real person.

  • Sue

    #16 When they were young? She's still young! LOL

  • Kayla

    It's less like "aw, that's what he used to look like?" and more "Holy crap, THAT'S what Malcolm in the middle grew in to?" Not as big as a turn as his "dad" I suppose… (Walt from Breaking Bad)

  • xoxo

    These two did not age well. #10 #13

  • JenB83

    Seriously #20. He looks like a strange and inappropriate biker~dude. If I had kids, I wouldn't want to leave them alone with him. Where did Danny from Grease go? Please shave the quasi fu manchu you are 'rocking' and go back to looking like a person of your age should look (like a grandfather).

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