AEC: Hot men of theBERRY: Missing summer! (69 photos)

... at least Spring is around the corner! Thanks for sending these photos our way. Keep them coming! Hopefully you've seen your mug in 'HMOTB + Mirrors' among other galleries throughout the week.
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan, Alex & Monique

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  • Moe

    Gentlemen, well done.

  • DrOfPsych

    Some of you surfers look VERY familiar!! If you surf any of the beaches from Ventura to Santa Barbara, raise your hand neeeeeeooow!! We may surf the same waves😉

    • CAChivette

      Surfers are hot! Not sure why people would downgrade you for your comment. Bitter perhaps? Jealous? Who knows. All I know is I love staring at the surfers when I'm at the beach, but I prefer Huntington or Newport!!

  • KzooChivette

    Something about men in the summertime.. Especially ones that fish😉

  • shelbyslt

    agreed well done! lol never thought earings were hot till #22 you may have just changed my mind!

    • mike

      your welcome😉

      • shelbyslt

        Haha oh yes thank you! Smile helped alot to.😉

  • RedHotChivette

    #36! I know that devilish smile from somewhere…..

    • Mitch

      Thanks! I think?

      • RedHotChivette

        Well your smile is definitely killer! But I swear I've seen it in person before. Do you/did you live in Barrie Ontario?

  • Emilyann

    omg #22! oh and #26… you can teach me how to lead climb any day😉

  • Erika

    #5 yummy

  • Kait

    #4, #12, #18, #22, #32, #40, #60, #63, #69… oh sweet mother nature.

  • Natalia

    HMOTB and Daily Motivation are my motivational tools! Thanks so much!

  • @marybeth0025

    #50 – Koko Head! Love it!

  • dkellyb

    #54 the goat just makes so much sense, everyone walks their goat in summer, topless… The randomness made me lol:)

  • @blrea

    Oh heyy #30😉

  • bec

    #35. want.

  • Lee

    Nice and thank you!!

  • WildChivette

    #69 ummm YES???? Why has no one said anything about them yet. Nice bums gentleman, where ya from??

    • Jen

      i love this one. i said "mmmmm"

  • Alicia

    THANK YOU for all the fishermen:):):)

  • Scully

    I can has #18 with a side of #55 plz?😀

  • superhomo

    lol i wonder if these guys know its actually a bunch of gay dudes looking at their pics

  • LolieM

    #23 How has no one snatched that boy up?!?! Hot guy, sweet smile, AND with tattoos :)))) Nothing but love from this TX girl.

  • LolieeeM

    #23 Hot guy, sweet smile, and tattoos! Nothing but love from this TX girl.

  • Lauren

    #60 I think he's lactating.

  • 3lenka

    Any Canadian gentlemen?

  • Jnayeliz

    So cold here in Maine. Definitely appreciating the HMOTB in the summer for sure!! Continue the summer berry love!

  • Justin Donley

    You ladies rock. KCCO from Texas #3

  • Karen

    MOAR #22

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