The 90s called… it wants its closet back (17 photos)

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  • tia

    I really think the 90's are to recent and tacky for them to go back to that fashion.

  • KTmess

    I used to want a pair of jellies so bad but my mom insisted they would cut my feet. Then I finally got some! And they totally cut my feet.

    • Mike Larson
      • KTmess

        They did. Shoes made of cheap plastic are probably not a good idea.

        • YvonneJ

          I begged for them, and when I got them I also got the worst blisters of my life!

    • Michele

      You weren't a cool kindergartner until you convinced your mom to get you a pair! Jellies and light up shoes were the best!

  • mrshelderman

    Nooooooooo. #16 is so bad. And not in a good way!

    • sarah

      i love these shoes and am buying them❤

      • mrshelderman

        To each their own I suppose. As long as I don't have to wear them or see them I am great!

  • Crush

    The 90's ruled…..and 95% of the people growing up in the 90's didn't wear anything like the stuff above. If you want REAL 90's apparel that has gone way out of fashion, then you need to be showing the below:

    1) Slap bracelets
    2) Tivas
    3) Umbro shorts
    4) Flannel Shirts (even those are kinda coming back into style)
    5) Starter caps
    6) Jean shorts
    7) LA Light shoes
    8) and Baggy ass pants… that's the 90's I remember. Some of the above are legit but come on, no one ever wore #4.

    Otherwise pictures like #1, just look like a recent Kate Perry/Lady Gaga/Nicki Manaj/Rihanna/ music video.

    • Crush

      To round out the list to an even 10, let me add:

      9) tie die shirts
      10) clothes that are 1 or 2 sizes to big

      • Crush

        Oh Snap:

        11) Chain wallets
        12) Reebok Pumps

        God this list could go on. Anyone remember the name of those shoes that you could wear in the water?

        • 16inchzipper


    • nik

      Guess jeans, swatch watches, keds, z cavarrici.

  • socalmarti

    #12 #17 I would totally wear these Cher outfits!!!

    • Bee

      I'm must admit Iwent for the Share look-skirts, vests, blazers, and some knee highs. I was about 12 or 13, though, and probably watched the movie daily. Sigh.

    • Surfaz

      I did! And there were a few pieces she wore in the movie that I owned (and may or may not still have tucked away somewhere):/

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  • student-tastic

    #2 DM's are always in fashion! They've changed them too much though. They're mega plasticky and aren't made with the same love:/

    • xoxo

      I have been seeing more Docs lately. I was wondering why. Doc Martens will always hold a special place of nostalgia in my heart. ♥

  • Lorna

    #11- Way harsh, Ty. It's been done before, and better.
    #6 – Is this real life?! Those things were huge, hideous, and heavy.

    • ........

      i have a pair of the black shoes and they are very light and cute, everyone at my school has them

  • RichVee

    #8 NOooooo #16 NOOOooooOOOoo!!!!!!!!

    • asklf

      i love the white shoes and i am buying them

    • xoxo

      While I'm glad to see more shoes being made with a chunk heel, I'm not happy the 90s chunk heel is coming back. I like the 70s chunk heel. The 90s chunk was way too chunky and big.

  • bamboo

    Did anyone else used to get the Delia's catalog? This fashion totally reminds me of that.

    • Jessica

      The first time I ever heard of Brittany Spears, she was on the front of a Delia's! Does anyone else remember that issue?

  • abby

    I had these in the mid 90's and I loved them…called em my frankenstein sneakers! i was 22! OMG

  • Diana

    wheres the JNCO jeans?????

  • Alex

    This was the crappy part of 90s fashion, not the (earlier) cool part.

  • Ari214

    #2 makes me super sad that I have no idea what happened to my old Doc's… I had to beg my parents to buy me a pair so I don't see myself just throwing them away😦

  • Lisa

    #10 ahhhhhahahaha yes! I used to think I was so cool and wore these as like a weird little accessory just below the outer corner of my eye. I don't know why. The 90's were weird.

  • Tam

    There's no imitation.

  • Anonymous

    #14 reminds me so much of clueless!!

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