Sunday brunch (60 photos)

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  • Sydney

    Definitely 1. Classic, simple, and beautiful.

  • LAskygurl

    #47 If it was out of these would choose 11, but I like the three stone look:)

  • Nataly

    #47, definitely 7!:)

  • plumeria

    #15 do you want to keep wondering or do you want to give it a try? best of luck!

  • Alison

    #9 best way to start my morning. You're an inspiration! And delicious.

  • Ashley

    #47 Number 2 is gorgeous

  • itsashlib

    #42 hey, bf
    #47 – 10 is my fav
    #60 come visit me!

  • Chrissy

    #47, either 2 or 7 are ok, none of them look particularly comfortable to wear.

    #15, do what you gotta do but stop stringing your current girl along

  • Sarah

    #9 Need more! So inspiring. #23 So meaningful. #47 I like 4 #59 Always love Bruce

  • kseniya

    #9 you are awesome my friend, and you are sexy as fuck #kcco

  • Ele

    #6 SIGH! #43 who are you? I see you in Jcrew all the time

  • lja

    47 – #12, lovely.

  • abby

    #47 15

  • Chella

    You were smokin hot then and you're smokin hot now. Me-ow!

  • Torikinns19

    #45 jeez even the floor looks comfy.

  • vidwzjx

    omVL26 ttysobwonctl

  • Juliamta

    #15 End it with the girl you are seeing now. It is not fair to her that you are more emotionally invested into someone else. Stop wasting her time. As of your old friend. Why don't you suggest a getaway weekend. Maybe first time just you 2, get babysitters for the weekend, and meet up at some sweet spot 1/2 way and spend the weekend together to catch up on each others lives and see if there is any chemistry there between you two. I think she would agree to that as we all need little breaks in our lives, and her being single with 2 kids, I'm sure she would love that idea. It is hard to make any conclusions when you only communicate with her via phone or the internet. After seeing each other, if you feel that she has warmed up to you, suggest next trip with the kids. Take it step by step, because if you are going to confess your feelings to her right away, you may push her away, especially if she is not ready for another emotional commitment just yet. Most importantly, follow your heart, that is the only way to be happy.

  • Katelynn Thomas

    #9 has no clue the amount of love I would give him on a daily basis

  • lolly58335

    #9 You are a beautiful man inside and out!

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