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    #3 just blew my mind a little

    • Emmylou

      I've been doing this since i saw it on pinterest about 2 months ago. I now know what's in my drawers, and they stay tidy!!!

  • krypto092108

    #4, #6, #8, and #9 look like good Ideas. Gotta try them…

  • Katie

    awesome post! I want MOAR!

  • Megan

    I'll need to try this, although I've tried other ways to make eggs "peel" easier; like adding vinegar to the water, and they fail.
    One trick that DOES work is: When the eggs are done, crack them all, and cover them again with water and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes. Water will seep between the egg and shell and BOOM it's like magic:-)

    • dkellyb

      We always rinse them off with cold water as soon as they're done boiling, to scare them out of their shell😉

      • Megan


    • sue

      If an egg does not peel easy, it's just to fresh.
      Baking soda does nothing.

      • hpuem

        I use older eggs and an ice water bath when I pull them off of the stove. I rarely have a peeling problem:)

        • xoxo

          I buy them already boiled and peeled from Trader Joes. :-)

  • kait

    I love this post! can't wait to cook up some bacon for my next sandwich!!

  • someoneyoudontknow

    Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • spitfire

    #1 how can u possibly be that messy?
    and if u roll your pj bottoms and yoga pants u can fit more in your draw.@ #3 :)

    • His*Girl

      Actually, when I do my left hand, they are PERFECT…. when I pain my right hand (with my left) it usually comes out about that messy. LOL. I have to have the hubby do it for me because my left hand is useless at everyday tasks.

    • ScottishYankee

      I can use both hands to do most things, but doing my nails is not one of those things:)

  • His*Girl

    Don't tell me what to do.

    Seriously though… these are good ideas.

  • ScottishYankee

    #7 Only works w/ a 1/2 full to full container! Anything less & you're picking up tic tacs off the floor…which reminds me, I now have to go buy more😦

  • Some Guy

    #9 That BLT looks good. Not 'good enough' good. Really good.
    Better bread and all.

  • tangeria

    #6 eat the cake part first, then the frosting, that way nothing distracts from all the sugary goodness…=)

    • BeeCee

      EXACTLY! Haha i eat the whole bottom first then leave the icing for the grand finale!

  • Coribeth

    #8 This did not work for me at all.

  • Lisa

    #5 Well, that just confused me more. It doesn't need to be folded anyways. A crumpled ball has worked for me so far, no need to change it now!😛

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