AEC: HMOTB of the Week: Chris Haverlock (13 photos)

Hi hi!
Chris' searsucker abs pic was the lead photo in Shirtless Friday and it got us thinking. We needed to make him HMOTB of the Week asap! As always, I'll let him take it from here...

I'm a Chemical Engineer working in the Pulp and Paper Industry [nerdy, I know]. Born and raised in Syracuse, NY but have lived and worked in Appleton, WI for the last five years. When not moonlighting as a musician or a wannabe homebrewer, I enjoy running, cooking, dive bars, the Oxford Comma, and Random Acts of Kindness. Apparently traveling everywhere in North America for the company wasn't enough to keep me out of trouble, so they shipped me off to Hangzhou, China to travel all over Asia and Oceania for the next three years [missing my cat all the while]. Catch me if you can Berries...

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