AEC: HMOTB of the week: Derek Novy (27 photos)

Derek has been making y'all drool for awhile now. Only fitting that we ask him to be HMOTB of the Week, and he obliged. I'll let this Wisconsinite take it from here...


I enjoy whitewater kayaking, west coast swing and other ballroom dancing, pretending to be a DJ, singing, flying a helicopter, being a total goofball, running in 'fun runs' like Color Me Rad and Its Glow Time, and just about anything that can be classified as 'adventurous' or 'outgoing.' Fitness is also important to me and I do my best to inspire others to achieve a level they are happy with through my own actions. Thankfully The Berry helps quite a bit with this!

I'm a strong believer in the Golden Rule, keeping chivalry alive, and random acts of kindness (it must be a midwest thing?). I'm outgoing and embarrassment doesn't come easy to me, thankfully. I enjoy starting up random conversations with total strangers that I cross paths with, and have been blessed with making lifelong friends in the process! I know I'm not perfect in life, but as I once read in an image on The Berry, "I am a collection of flaws stitched together with good intentions."

If you ever find yourself in Madison, I hope we cross paths!


Twitter Machine : @ironbean32

Instagram: ironbean32

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