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Hi all!
This time last year, I introduced you to an adorable Berry named Katie. She and her husband wanted to know if we could help them raise awareness about something that hit close to home for them, ovarian cancer. Click HERE to see the original story.

Take a second to read Katie's amazing update!

The past year has flown by! I can't believe that only 12 months ago, I was asking for the help from my fellow Berries!

A brief overview, I was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer right before my 26th birthday. I had to have a complete hysterectomy (yay early menopause!), partial bowel resection, and my appendix out. My tumor originated in my left ovary was grew to the size of a small football. After a few weeks of recovery, I started my 6 rounds of chemotherapy with a trial drug infusion every week. I had my last chemo on New Year's Eve with my loving husband by my side. I was declared cancer free January 21st! I continue to have a weekly infusion for the trial drug but I am doing marvelous!

I am asking for your help again, Berries. Not only is it good to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer, it is much better to donate for research for this terrible disease. Typically, symptoms don't show until it is in the advance stages, like mine. There is no fail-proof blood test or exam that shows ovarian cancer. This is why it is so important to have your yearly GYN exam and listen to your body! My symptoms were so vague (some cramping after peeing and weight gain) until I had horrible abdominal pain which sent me to the emergency room.

The Athena's Run was a organization started by my oncologist, Elizabeth Skinner. The money raised with this goes towards research and helping underprivileged women in the community get free yearly exams. A couple of months ago, they saw over 100 patients and caught one case of cervical cancer in the early stages! Please help raise money with me and my husband, Wil. I may not have prevented my cancer, but my hope is that we find a cure so you don't have to travel down this difficult path behind me. You guys helped us be the top fundraisers with over $9,000 raised! I had to be pushed in a wheelchair last year but my goal is to run it this year with Wil! Thank you guys!

Click HERE to donate if you can!

KCCO & Berry Love!

Katie & Wil Warren


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