New BERRY position!

intern New BERRY position!

theBERRY is hiring a content curator intern


 With the growth of theBERRY, we need more hands on deck! Emily, Megan and Alex have their hands full and are looking for a powerhouse BERRY full of great ideas that has an eye for awesome.

We’re hiring a content curator intern that has a creative mindset and is willing to work hard. This position requires a keen sense of what’s funny, intriguing and ORIGINAL. Scouring the Interwebs is a big part of this job and we’re looking for someone who knows what is relevant and berry-worthy.

This position is located in Austin, TX.

Next steps:

1. IF YOU LIVE IN THE AUSTIN AREA, please submit all resumes to theberrypics[at]gmail[dot]com with subject line, ‘ BERRY Intern.’
2. Please attach 5 photos that are funny/compelling/impressive that you think we have NEVER seen before.
3. Include 5 of your top go-to websites.
4. Please list 3 unique and innovative post ideas that you’d be able to add to theBERRY!
5. Don’t hesitate to include anything else that helps you stand out.

Best of Luck and Berry love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

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