10 Smart Travel Hacks That Will Make You Feel Super Organized

Hey jetsetter! Before you set off on your next adventure take some extra steps to ensure that your travels don’t go awry.

1. Make copies of important documents

Making physical copies as well as digital back-ups of your passport, ID, and any other important documents are a good way to cover all your bases in the event that the originals are lost or stolen.

2. Before you travel, use your phone’s camera to take photos of all your emergency contact information

 In the event your wallet or passport is stolen, you’ll have all the information you need to reach loved ones at home right at your fingertips.

3. Pack and re-pack your suitcase

When you’re finally done packing, unpack one third of your stuff to clear out the unnecessary clutter. Plus, the lighter you pack the more room you’re left with for some souvenir shopping!

4. Bring a plastic sink stopper with you

It is a cheap $2 piece of rubber that will let you do laundry in the sink or use a bathtub. It takes up little to no space, but it is totally worth it when clean underwear is becoming scarce, and laundromats are even scarcer. 

5. Pack ear plugs

Muffle the sounds of crying babies, drunk backpackers, barking dogs, honking horns, dormitory sex, natural gas salesmen, and more. A traveler’s best friend in all corners of the world. 

6. Stash some cash

Cash is king around the world. To cover your ass in an emergency, make sure to keep some of the local currency on you in a few different places.

7. Call your carrier to set up an international calling plan

Roaming charges on your cell phone in other countries are astronomical. To avoid coming home to a huge bill, talk to your phone company about an international travel plan.

8. Keep a travel journal

You might want to remember information like the names of people you meet, conversations you have, feelings about a new experience, or what a particular town smelled like. If you ever want to write about your travels later these details will come in handy.

9. Pack your carry-on bag like a pro

Your personal item is your best friend when traveling. Make sure to pack an extra outfit, basic toiletries, and snacks to hold you over when you can’t access your luggage. Or if *gasp* your luggage gets lost. 

10. Remember to relax and enjoy the ride

No matter what you forget to pack, or any bumps you have along the way, don’t forget you are on an amazing adventure!

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