9 Uber Drivers Who Definitely Didn’t Get Five Stars

Uber has famously created a multinational phenomenon, conveniently connecting consumers with smartphones to quick transportation. As many of you know, every time you finish an Uber ride, you’re prompted to rate your driver from one to five stars. This star rating system is crucial for drivers because their jobs depends on a good rating. Which is exactly why the stories below might come to surprise you even more.

9 uber drivers who definitely didnt get five stars 1 9 Uber Drivers Who Definitely Didn’t Get Five Stars

We asked a group of people if they had an Uber story that prevented them from giving their driver five stars and chose the most jaw dropping responses.  It’s important to note that for the sake of security, we’ve changed the interviewers names so they can remain anonymous.  Alright, here we go!

1. “My Uber driver literally hit someone because he was texting. After neglecting to apologize, he started yelling at the car he rear-ended and pretended I didn’t exist.” Amy, 23

2. “I found out he drives for Uber so he can cheat on his wife. He can leave anytime he wants without her ever questioning his location.” James, 21

3. “When the car stopped, my driver asked for a blowjob instead of payment. I refused and he still had the balls to bill me for my ride.” Emma, 27

4. “I had a driver who tried to drink a beer while driving. I made him pull over and let me out.” Penelope, 24

5. “The ride started out great but after I mentioned meeting up with my gay friend, my Uber driver went on a rant about being a homophobe. She is literally afraid of them.” Jack, 22

6. “My Uber driver literally went through a Wendy’s drive thru. No questions asked, she just turned into the parking lot and said she needed to take a quick lunch break… We were 5 miles away from my destination.” Declan, 21

7. “My first UberPool experience with a stranger was memorable to say the least. The driver started a verbal fight with the other passenger. He abruptly stopped the car to try and take a swing from the front seat. We jumped out of the backseat and ran in separate ways.” Jerry, 25

8. “I got in the car to find out my driver was breaking up with her boyfriend. I felt like I was in a Jerry Springer episode.” Andrea, 29

9. “My Uber driver thanked me for not wearing a bra. Painful silence for the rest of the ride was the result.” Tamara, 28



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