The One Thing You Need To Do For A Happy And Healthy Vagina

If you’re like most people, you wait until the last possible second before you jump out of bed in the morning (right?) and rush directly into the shower/do your hair and makeup/shove an avocado toast into your face and flee your house to make it to work mostly on time.

But it turns out skipping one very important step in the post-shower process— namely, not giving yourself enough time to, err, dry off— could be one of the worst things you ever do for your vagina.


 According to medical director of Miami’s FemCare Jason James, if you neglect to completely and thoroughly dry off your entire vaginal area before putting on underwear, you’re basically creating this totally gnarly and damp bacteria breeding ground right in your pants. Meaning yeast infections. Meaning you may give yourself a pain and discomfort so gross and terrible you’ll be like “kill me right the fuck now.”

“Yeast tends to thrive in a moist environment,” James told Glamour. “Warmth, moisture, and friction can all lead to irritation and the potential changes in pH that increase favorability for yeast to overgrow and become a clinical infection.” 


So what is a perpetually-late working girl to do? Aside from taking a couple extra minutes to gently towel yourself off and opting for breathable cotton undies, you can just run around naked while you slurp your coffee and straighten your hair. Perfect! You know what they say, happy vagina, happy life. Or something like that.

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