Why People Are Freaking Out Over The Name On This Starbucks Cup

When one hears the phrase “Starbucks magic”, the immediate thought is probably something along the lines of how miraculously shitty the popular coffee chain is at writing customers’ names correctly on their beverages.

Which is fine! I’m not ragging on them for it! Most Starbucks (Starbuckses?) are loud AF and it’s difficult to hear the phonetics of foreign sounding (and non-foreign-sounding) names over what I have endearingly called “white girl walla”.

But an image posted on Imgur by user cuteDummy ­­ gives an entirely new meaning to “Starbucks magic”, captivating the minds and hearts of the Internet with simplistic chicanery.  Allow me to explain: The name on it is actually written correctly, for once…except it is also written incorrectly…but also no, it’s definitely correct. It’s magic! Here’s what I mean.


The outside says “Anne”, which is right, but the inside says “Julia”, and how? HOW? Is this a magical ambigram or just plain coincidence? Reminds me of the great Greg/Corey debacle of Summer 2015:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.04.18 AM
twitter- @GregDorris

Greg or Corey? Corey or Greg? I mean, probably Greg because that’s the dudes name, but why would anyone in their right mind write a “C” in that fashion? There are dark forces at play and maybe some mysteries were never meant to be solved.

In other Starbucks-related news, some chick is suing them for putting too much ice in her iced drink, in case you thought for one second we had reached peak first-world-problems.

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