Can You Find All The Sloths This Horrible (Awesome) Wingman Hid In His Friend’s Dating Profile?

When a buddy asks you for a favor, especially one that’ll aid him/her in getting laid, you step up and do it. When that favor happens to be editing photos to help land chicks on a dating site, that buddy is basically asking to get roasted by his design-savvy wingman. Which is where Redditor Tehcuda comes in.

Instead of making his buddy’s nose smaller or his skin clearer, Tehcuda Photoshopped a tiny sloth into every one of his unknowing pal’s pictures. Can you find them all?


When pressed for details by the Reddit community on why, Tehcuda replied: “Honestly I just bullshitted him and told him I know how to make the perfect profile. He can be gullible.”


More specifically,” he went on, “he asked if I could ‘edit his photos’ like fine tune them. I asked if I could just do the whole thing for him and made some bullshit story about how much I know how to make the perfect profile (I don’t) so he ‘asked me’ to make him the perfect one.”


We say it was pretty much a success. What do you think?


Did you find them all?


Us either. Luckily, Tehcuda provided an answer key:

emWwnRng NcIeEz8 icyjYQm wUUukvUg tbwuUgsg

In case this dude’s gold chain and full sleeve titillate you, turns out he’s not such a bad guy, either. “In all honesty, hes the best wingman Ive ever met,” Tehcuda wrote. “Incredibly charismatic and hilarious. “So if I found him a date on here Id simply be paying it forward. Taking applications now.”

There you go. The more sloths the better, I always (I never) say.

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