This Artist Can’t Stop Playing With Her Food

 Check out some of Tisha’s greatest hits below:

Tisha Cherry is a professional food artist who transforms everyday edibles into something completely different. Her Instagram account is chalk-full of pop culture themed food art, each piece more mind-blowing than the last.  Take, for example, the above photo, which features Beyonce and is made entirely out of lemons. No big deal, just lemon art.


Jessie Spano from the famous ‘Saved By The Bell’ scene [made with rice and scrambled eggs]


Lady Gaga [made with dyed Oreo filling]


The Weeknd [made with coffee]


Tupac [made with ketchup]


Grumpy Cat [made with Oreo filling]


Drake [made with melted chocolate and Matcha]


Taylor Swift + Karlie Kloss [made with vanilla and chocolate ice cream]


Harry Potter cast [made with Oreo filling]

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