What Happened When I Put Makeup On My Eyebrows For The First Time


I’ve never been much into make up. I try to wear as little as possible, partially because I don’t want to deal with it every single day, and partially because I don’t give a fuck.  An ongoing joke that close friends have with me is that my brows are so thin and light, they basically don’t exist. So when The Berry girls took note that today’s Instagram trend is “rainbow eyebrows“, naturally they turned to me.  There was no way I was getting out of this one…

Today, I added color to my eyebrows for the first time.  I’ve spent my life responding to people asking about my light features.  “Yes, I have eyebrows.”  “No, I’m not getting a brow tinting treatment.  “Yes, my bronzer is my freckles.” “No, I will not make out with you…”   Coming from a gal who has never tried an eyebrow pencil before, adding any shade is a drastic change, let alone attempting all seven colors in the rainbow.   So here we go…


I’m wasn’t kidding.  I have really light eye brows…


Even the lighter colors of the rainbow was pretty obvious.


Then there was green…


Then blue…


One side down!  Quite the difference, right?


And here is the final product. I’d like to conclude that although rainbow eyebrows isn’t the best look for me, it was fun as hell.  Now I have the itch to try out neutral colors because I can actually see where the outline of my brows should be.  Having to even admit that is kind of embarrassing but true.



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