This Dad’s Texts About His Son Barfing Are Breaking The Internet

Kids will get sick anywhere and everywhere, and often times without any warning. Despite the horror stories we’ve seen and heard, it’s likely that none of those tales are as hilariously awful as this one.

After swapping cars so his wife could hang out with her friends after work, Ben Patterson was all set for a night home with their kids. On the way home, his son, Declan, started throwing up all over himself. Patterson pulled over to take a picture to send to his wife, Stephanie, who didn’t respond. Things unraveled pretty quickly from there:

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You would think having a vomit covered toddler with no response from his wife would be the worst part of Patterson’s night. It wasn’t. Shortly after taking the photo, Patterson himself got sick and started throwing up in a woman’s yard, who accused him of drunk driving with children. Oh, then she also decided to call the cops.

Finally after proving to the cops that he was indeed not drunk, Patterson was able to get back in the car to continue the nightmarish ride home.


This is a story we know they will be telling at family get togethers for years!

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