17 Signs You’re Adulting Well

Growing up has got to be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do. You wake up one day, and all the sudden you’re responsible for making your own doctor’s appointments, putting on clothes—clean clothes— and generally keeping yourself alive in the most efficient way you can.

Also, time management. Hangovers. Responsibilities. Relationships. Bills. Student loans. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to ruin your day, the point is: the list goes on and on. However, since there are a bunch of knuckleheads your age who seem to be worse off, it can be difficult to tell just how well you’re currently adulting.

If you’ve got these basic things down, you’re doing pretty ok.

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1. You’re finally sticking to a healthy diet:

2. You’re, like, really good at it:

3. You’re generally great at watching what you put into your body:

4. You can dress yourself, no problem:

5. You’ve turned into a responsible driver:

6. You no longer have to dig through couch cushions for transportation funds:

7. You are conscious of water waste:

8. Your patience at work is commendable:

9. You’ve gotten so good at keeping it together:

10. You’ve learned to not be spiteful:

11: Your self-control is admirable, really:

12. You’ve evolved from physically abusing your crush to uncomfortably leering at them:

13. You’re still employed, miraculously:

14. You’ve mastered the art of ersatz concern:

15. I mean, you’re still alive, for crying out loud:

16. You take responsibility for your actions:

17. But mostly, you don’t use the word “adulting”:

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