Everyone Is Rallying Behind This Guy’s Tweet About Taking His Boyfriend To Prom

People have been going to prom since the 1800’s, crazy right? Today, this traditional function still plays an integral and iconic role in the high school experience. It has become a right of passage for many and next to graduation is probably the only redeeming aspect about high school in general. Going to prom is so expected nowadays that many of us take it for granted.

For Myren, a 17-year-old high school student in Maryland, prom meant a lot more than fancy dinner and dancing. He tweeted out photos on Saturday of prom night with his boyfriend explaining that his parents had forbid him to attend the formal with his bf, but he went anyway. The Internet soon picked up on his tweet and thousands applauded Myren for his bravery.

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They’re pretty much one of the most adorable couples we’ve ever seen.

Many people offered their support and commended the dapper duo.


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Others could relate to the feeling of being closeted or having disapproving parents.

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It’s extremely unfortunate that Myren’s family has never approved of his relationship.

“They wanted me to end things with him and they tried grounding me to keep us from talking, but no matter what we found a way to talk,” Myren told Buzzfeed.

Prom happened to land on the couple’s 7 month anniversary and despite the negativity and lack of support from his parents, Myren and his boyfriend had the time of their lives.


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