How Disney Is Giving Kim K’s Ass A Run For Its Money And Breaking The Internet Today 

Step aside Kardashian family, Disney is taking back the Internet. Well, not really but for once our news feed isn’t completely flooded with the normal Kim drama llama. Today, trending sites everywhere including celebrity Instagram accounts and Facebook are dominated with Disney-themed news. We’re pretty sure they’re slowly taking over the world one adorable character at a time.

No complaints over here, though! As they’ve proved through years and years of success, Disney is and will forever be a timeless treasure. Our children’s children will be sitting down with their kids to watch the classic films and want to dress up like their favorite characters. Not to mention, Disney World and Land will probably be around for eternity. Take it from someone who just went to Disney Land for their first time at 23, you never get too old for the most magical place on earth.

From their newest re-make to pop culture collaborations, here’s what’s going on in the world of Disney.

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This epic teaser for the new ‘Beauty And The Beast’ dropped today and it will give you all the feels.

Did we mention it’s starring Emma Watson? Are princess witches a thing? #BeOurGuest

Our favorite Gossip Girl, Blake Lively donned a Disney-inspired gown for the 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

She confessed via Instagram that in fact, it wasn’t a princess she was portraying, but a certain villain.

Everyone thinks I was inspired by the princesses. If they only knew…

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Adele meets some of our favorite Disney characters in this unbelievable vocal mashup.

Just when you thought “Hello” couldn’t get any more enchanting…

This girl showed up at Disney World with a ticket from 1994 and they actually let her in!

27-year-old Chelsea Herline came across a hopper pass from her toddler days that hadn’t been used to its full potential and was able to experience the park all over again.


Iconic Disney characters are making an appearance in modern pop culture and it’s pretty interesting to say the least.

This may be one of our favorite Disney recreations yet! Can you imagine Tarzan in “The Revenant”? How about Esmeralda looking all Kim Kardashian in selfie mode.


It’s officially time for a Disney classic VHS marathon!


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