Woman Gets Ultimate Revenge On Her Cheating Ex, Sends Him “GoT” Spoilers

It isn’t often that we get to praise an act of relationship pettiness as impressive, so when the rare opportunity arises it is important to laud it to its full capacity. In this case, a brilliant young lady (referred to as Dany😏) concocted the best way to get revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend, one that would harm him severely on a weekly basis.

Game of Thrones spoilers.

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According to this poor sucker’s post on r/relationships, (since deleted) he’d been with his girlfriend for nearly a year before he let his insecurity destroy their relationship and hooked up with a bunch of chicks—including his ex. Digging himself into a deeper hole, he let Dany find out for herself instead of being the one to tell her.

Unfortunately for him, our girl turned out to be as savage as Khaleesi herself. We don’t feel bad, though.

During their relationship, Dany got this dude hooked on GoT (“I was addicted to it.”) After they’d broken up, she blocked him on every form of social media, until the Monday after the show’s Season 6 premiere.

“She unblocked me and I saw I had messages from her. I was excited because I thought maybe she forgave me and we could move on, but it was literally just every spoiler from the first episode.”


Since then, she’d continued to ruin every week’s episode. “She even borrowed one of our mutual friends phones to do it, and I feel for that,” our exasperated Redditor wrote. She’d found tons of different ways to contact him, without giving him a way to contact her back.

The exasperated knucklehead ended his post in a plea for advice: “Is there anyway I can get Dany to stop or make peace so she won’t ruin the show anymore?”

Doubt it. You know what they say—hell hath no fury like a Khaleesi scorned.

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