17 Male Voices That Make Your Lady Parts Tingle Every Time

One surefire, panty-drop guarantee is a beautiful man that can sing. The second that sultry voice drips through his microphone we can’t help but get all hot and bothered. There’s something about those velvety vocal cords that soothes the soul in the best possible way.

We know you have your selective musicians that give you this warm tingly feeling inside. Maybe you appreciate the hell out of a raspy blues voice that grabs a hold of your heart and your vagina. Maybe you’re more of a baby-makin’ music kinda girl who gets down to The Weeknd. No judgements here! Whatever your fancy, please enjoy some of our favorite man candy and their liquid gold voices.

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1. Shakey Graves

2. Jokull Juliusson (Kaleo)

3. Dallas Green (City & Colour)

4. Ben Howard

5. Chet Faker

6. Bon Iver

7. Hozier

8. Max Frost

9. John Mayer

10. Enrique Iglesias

11. Nick Jonas

12. Zayn Malik

13. Sam Hunt

14. John Legend

15. The Weeknd

16. Jared Leto

17. Prince


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