Asos Is Sending Customers Insanely Long Jeans

If you are planning to buy jeans from the online retailer, Asos, please be advised that you may be getting more than you bargained for, and by that we mean pants made for extremely tall people.

Just yesterday, @GeorgeRiggall, an average Asos customer and Twitter user posted an image of his denim purchase, and it’s hard not to laugh. There is our boy with jeans that look almost a foot too long for any normal-sized human to wear.

Riggall took to the cyber waves to connect with the online retailer, and the resulting commentary has been pretty much hilarious.

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Yesterday, George received jeans that looked like they were made for a stilt walker.

Other Twitter folks got in on the action and send out messages of support.


They shared their own long-legged jeans problems.

Asos cleverly suggested maybe it’s time for a long jean trend! But, not everyone was sold…

Looks like there have been some other sizing issues at Asos.

But be advised that good people at Asos are taking #longjeangate seriously.

And they score major points for honesty.

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