Woman Loses Over 150 Pounds And Proudly Flaunts Excess Skin On Instagram

We hear the term “body positivity” tossed around a lot these days via social media, fashion blogs, etc. What does it really mean though? To me, the significance is not in your physical features. It lies in your perception. To put it simply, it’s how you see you. Being comfortable in your own skin and loving every part of yourself despite the flaws, that’s the ultimate goal.

For Aubrey Johansen, at 350 pounds, her body was beginning to interfere not only with her social life, but more importantly with her health. Doctors told her at this weight she could expect to live for 15 more years. For a 23-year-old, this was far from good news. Johansen told Daily Mail that this stern warning from her physician coupled with a devastating rejection she experienced from a singing program, convinced her it was time to take action.

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In October 2014, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and has since lost 159 pounds. Johansen also made the decision to alter her lifestyle by eating better and working out.

// the left; October 7, 2013, right before they wheeled me into surgery. Gastric Bypass surgery SAVED ME. End of story. I literally do not care if you agree with my choice, or wish I had done it "naturally", it saved my life, period. Weighing 353lbs at 23 years of age was the ultimate low point in my young adult life, and I took any way out that I could. Not even 2 years post op, and I've lost 156 pounds, I look at the world differently, and ya know what? The world looks at me differently. I've never felt shame, nor will I ever feel shame about my choice to have weight loss surgery. It's a life saving thing for many humans on this earth. Those who are successful understand the sacrifice and hard work it takes. I've worked just as hard as my tool to get where I am, and I know how hard I'll have to keep working to get where I'm going. 😊✌🏻️

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Unfortunately, along with the surgery came a significant amount of excess skin that she was not happy about.

At this point, Johansen intends to remove the skin sometime in the near future.


// ☺️👋🏻 just over here keeping it real with ya! #transformationtuesday

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Though she is not quite where she wants to be with her body yet, Johansen freely flaunts it on Instagram, showing others the reality of drastic weight loss and inspiring many to stay strong.

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