This “Mother Of Dragons” Theory Is Fucking Mind Blowing


The most impressive part of last Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode wasn’t Benjen Stark’s return or Sam Tarly’s gutsy sword swipe. It was Drogon’s timing. Remember Drogon? Dany’s long-lost dragon who dumped her unceremoniously in a field then took off at the end of Season 5?

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Yeah, him. He showed up just in time for Dany’s stirring speech, one that convinced a devoted army to cross the sea and wipe out Westeros.

Definitely wouldn’t have been as effective without a dragon.

Drogon’s ex machina arrival wasn’t the only thing that seemed a little bit…weird about this scene, though. Dany’s speech—although epic in its own way—was unsettling AF, and not just because she’s talking about destroying Westeros.

Although that presents its own set of issues: Kill the Boltons and Sam Tarly’s dickhead dad, please, but leave the Starks! They’ve suffered enough!

No, according to fan theories, Dany’s speech seemed so ominous because despite her constant iterations that she is not like her crazy dad, she actually is exactly like her crazy dad, Mad King Aerys. As Daario points out, Dany is less of a ruler and more of a conqueror, promising to take what is hers “with fire and blood” not unlike another ruthless monarch of old.

It’s easy to forget because she’s so petite and beautiful and badass and because all anyone talks about is how epic she is, but Dany can be savage AF. Remember when she crucified 163 slavers? It was around the time Jon essentially saved all those Wildlings by allowing them to join the Watch, presenting an interesting contrast if nothing else. We like her because she is a breaker of chains, but is it all in the name of philanthropy? She is building the world’s biggest army, after all.


If there is any truth to this enormous darkness, the juxtaposed images of Dany and her father in Bran’s vision are indicative of how similar the two are, hellbent on conquering with fire and destroying all in their path.

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Maybe not, though. Dany and her dragons are pretty much the only thing standing between the White Walkers and the fall of Westeros, her fire dominion literally and symbolically a direct antithesis to everything the Others represent. As such, she can’t be the villain…right?

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