Never Forget Khal Drogo Used To Look Like A Member Of NSYNC

Five seasons later, and we still haven’t forgotten the only man worthy of Khaleesi’s time and love (just being honest here.) Taken from her and us egregiously soon: the great Khal Drogo.


The sultry eyes. The skillful command of a horse. The oddly sexual long braid/bells combo. That’s generally what comes to mind when you think about Jason Momoa, anyway, unless you follow him on Instagram. In which case his questionable outfits might be your first mental image.

ALOHA kakahiaka Ready lets go. AC

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I mean, it works, kinda.

However, you probably don’t remember the fact that Jason Momoa always wore some questionable accessories. Case in point:

jason momoa lisa bonet shine on sierra leone 10 Never Forget Khal Drogo Used To Look Like A Member Of NSYNC

Cool scarf. Very Paris Hilton circa ~2002.

Interesting hat choice, but Winston Churchill did it first and better.

Mostly, though, it’s important never to forget Momoa’s vibe at a 2000 Seventeen magazine party. Still sultry, but in an innocent kind of way. Hair gelled up like pre-braids AJ and a double-looped kukui nut necklace. Staying true to his Hawaiian roots with style:

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I MEAN! I am feeling this.

All jokes aside, Momoa is one finnnnne human being and I’m only making fun of him because I miss him. It’s a defense mechanism, ok?! DROGO 4EVER<3


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