Sorry, This Alleged GoT Blooper Is Just The Internet Fucking With You

Those pesky Internet tricksters are back at it again! A fake image from Game of Thrones episode 5 (“The Door”….Ho…dor….*sob*) has been making the rounds, causing a lot of excitement for the types of people who enjoy pointing out the mistakes of others.

The “blooper” in question is from the scene in which Sansa confronts Littlefinger about being a total piece of trash/marrying her to sadistic baby-killer Ramsay Bolton. Not just confronts him about handing her to a rapist on a silver platter, but forcing him to talk about rape in a totally uncomfortable way…badass. But I digress.

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Without further ado, actor Aidan Gillen wearing what appears to be a wristwatch on his arm:

Luckily, somebody with a better work ethic than I took the time to re-watch the episode and conclusively reported that no such scene actually exists. Then UPROXX pointed out the image was actually just a promo photo on HBO’s website and you can’t even see the alleged watch-hand.


Some Fake-Blooperer (that’s a job title, right?) is getting fired RIGHT now.

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