The Internet Is Freaking Out About This Quarter Worth $35K

These days a quarter can buy you a half hour of parking, a phone call from a pay phone (those still exist right?), or a terrible cardboard tampon from a public bathroom.  If you’re one of the lucky son-of-a-bitches who has a defective quarter in their possession, 25 cents could mean a lot more.

It turns out there is a specific 1970 quarter with a legitimate Mint error, and thus is worth tens of thousands. According to the Ebay seller who is actually getting traction on his listing worth 35K, “This is one of the most fascinating and intriguing proof mint errors ever discovered.”

It’s like searching for the golden ticket for a chance to go to the Chocolate Factory, except you get money instead of a sugar-filled death.

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At first it looks just like an ordinary coin


But take out your magnifying glass and examine it


It’s super tiny and hard to see, but if you look closer you will see  the upside-down markings of the year, 1941 just above the word “Dollar.”


Apparently what you are seeing is “a significant amount of detail on both sides showing the design of the Canadian quarter” atop the U.S. coin. OK, we kind of see it now.


We guess the Mint doesn’t make too many mistakes, because if you find it, it’s worth a pretty penny. $35,000 to be exact.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.06.10 AM

If you want to look for more coin mistakes (because free money), just check out this guy’s book. It just might make you some bread.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.10.31 AM

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