That Apocalyptic Track From The GoT Finale Is On Spotify And It Goes Hard

The beginning of the end: Various characters prepare for Loras’s trial in the Great Sept Of Baelor, cross-cut with scenes of Cersei Lannister calmly dressing, pouring wine, and…waiting. Waiting for an explosion that would wipe out the Faith, her daughter-in-law, and any contestation to her seat on the Iron Throne.

Giving gravity to this opening scene is “Light of the Seven,” an apocalyptic track by composer Ramin Djawadi. If the visuals alone didn’t escalate your anxiety exponentially with every minute, culminating in a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding climax, then the music undoubtedly did. It bleeds tragedy, darkness, a foreshadowing of woe. It’s scary as hell. And HBO released it (along with the entire season 6 soundtrack) on Spotify this week.

This bodes really well for those of us who have a running ‘Sad Songs For Sad People’ playlist they refer to when they want to feel sadder than they’re already feeling (I mean, what?) but also for serial killers in need of some lyrical ambiance.

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If the High Sparrow could hear this, you think he’d have stuck around waiting to get charred alive like a certain grayscale-having 10-year-old bookworm? Doubtful.

YouTube version for the anti-Spotifyers among you:

If your life isn’t quite as full of homicide as GoT, fear not. Opportunities to use the “Light of the Seven” as a lyrical background for regular life abound. Some starters:
-Give your pet hamster a Viking funeral to it
-Bump it in response to getting catcalled, whilst narrowing your eyes and drawing a dagger out of your purse
-Cue it up to play to during your next breakup
-Cue it up to play during your next haircut (it’ll be too short. It’s always ends up too short.)

Just some ideas to get you going. Valar morghulis, and happy grieving.

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