126 Abs For When You’re Home Alone And Need Some “Material”

Guys aren’t the only ones who enjoy a little eye candy. We like to indulge in our visual appetites just as much as they do. Of course, everyone has their own unique tastes, but I think we can all agree that there is something quite delicious about a chiseled man with a 6-pack. I mean, how can you see a stomach like that and not want to eat something off of it? Yummy. Give yourself a little alone time to savor these scrumptiously gorgeous creatures.

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#1-6: Shane Crom

Yum 🍩 😈 who wants a doughnut🍩👀?

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#7-12: Diego Barrueco

📸 @kevinluchmun

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#13-18: Jack Greystone

Dear Malibu, did we just become best friends? @swamcanada #malibu #california #swam #swamcanada #boardshorts #tieitup

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#19-24: Danny Jones

. 6'7 266lbs Currently between 4500-5k calories per day. . 📧 dannyjonesfitness@yahoo.com 💻 www.dannyjonesfitness.com .

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#25-30: Matthew Noszka

Prob thinking about 🍕

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#31-36: River Viiperi

TOWEL SERIES 111 By the Master himself 📸 #MarioTestino #TowelSeries @MarioTestino

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#37-42: Tyler James

#43-48 : Zach B.

#49-54: Ronal Epps

Miami Nights It Was All A Dream! Photo Cred to my boy @wattsupphoto #nicccce #ronaldepps

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#55-60: David Gandy

New #GandyForAutograph swimwear for Summer 2016. Link in my bio. Ph: @TomoBrejc; Hair: @LarryKingHair

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#61-66: Andre Hamann

#67-72: Broderick Hunter

#73-78: Nick Bateman

S i x 🍁

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#79-84: Scott Eastwood

#85-90: Jon Kortajarena

Papi is back to work 💪🏼

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#91-96: Rob Evans

Jus because most of my pics are professional shot. #nofilter #polaroids #stormmodels

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#97-102: Drew Hudson

#103-108: Tobias Sorensen

Fresh ✂️

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#109-114: Julian Hernandez


#115-120: Kayne Lawton

You cannot just consume an amount of calories to sculpt the physique you want. It's about where those calories come from. Having 2700 cals for e.g. from mostly carbs and fats will not build the muscle you want without consuming adequate amounts of protein. OR you could be consuming prodominately fats and protein with minimal carbs, which can have a negative effect on your strength and training intensity, as carbs are the body's most optimal source of fuel. It all depends on your goal and what you want. Achieving your best physique doesn't happen overnight, but you can speed up the process. You tell me your goal, food likes/dislikes, and I will personally design you a plan with your macros calculated, so you can start sculpting the best version of yourself possible🙌 (link in bio) #PersonalisedMealPlans #KayneLawtonPhysique #TeamKLP

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#121-126: Marcello Alvarez

Pool party!! 😎🎉🎊 #CuervoEstoyDentroVegas #Vegas @josecuervobr

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