16 Relationship-Saving Products For Living With Your SO

Moving in with a significant other is a very crucial point in the relationship. Odds are, you’re feeling great about where you stand together, and are looking to move forward as a couple with that next-level of commitment. However, even previous roommates cannot prepare you for the adjustments that come with living with a romantic partner: the odors, the sounds, the socks EVERYWHERE.

It is both a joyful, loving experience, and a weird, unhygienic experience.

Since the simple act of living with someone is an emotional struggle in and of itself — here are just a few household products to help mitigate that challenge.

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1. An Extra-Large Comforter


A nightly blanket tug-of-war may sound sexy, but I can assure you that it really, truly isn’t. With an extra-large comforter, both you and your SO will get a sizable blanket portion with which to built your perfect sleep nest, and there will be no unnecessary bloodshed over the hogging of covers.

2. Wireless TV Headphones


Privacy is hard to come by when you’re sharing a one-bedroom apartment. For those moments when one of you needs to work and the other just wants to bust a chill, these headphones will serve as the perfect compromise. Plus, it will occasionally allow you to innocently pretend you “didn’t hear them” ask you to take the trash out.

3. A Tall Shower Caddy


Two people living together = a metric shit ton of stuff. Help economize space in your bathroom by investing in a vertical shower caddy which provides enough room for both of your toiletries.

4. A Splitwise Account

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The division of rent, bills and utilities can get confusing if you aren’t keeping track. Since money issues are often the biggest source of conflict in a relationship, create a Splitwise account which will automatically sort out what is owed between the two of you.

5. A Customizable Chore Chart


The best way to nullify any arguments or bad blood over housework is to sort out responsibilities in advance. A handy chore chart will alert each of you to your responsibilities around the apartment, and will hold you accountable — so your SO doesn’t have to get testy and remind you that it’s YOUR turn to do the damn dishes.

6. Vacuum Storage Bags


If your horde of clothing is making it impossible for him to fit anything into the closet, that’s absolutely a tinderbox waiting for a match. Store seasonal clothing and old T-shirts in vacuum bags for a space-saving storage option.

7. A Coy Little Bedside Box For Your “Adult Stuff”

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An adventurous sex life is important in a healthy relationship, especially when you’re living together. Keep things fresh (and clutter free) by investing in a “goodie box” for any toys/sexual accoutrements the two of you may own. Bonus? Having a box gives you incentive to fill it up (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*).

8. A Large Shared Calendar


Remembering to share important dates/events with one another is easier said than done. Having a shared, physical calendar will allow the two of you to always be on the same page and in the loop with one another’s schedules.

9. A Shared Memo Board


Just a good place to keep keys, tickets, invitations, and reminders. This way, nothing slips through the cracks — and you don’t have to spend twenty minutes looking for your keys every morning.

10. A Pair Of Matching Nightstands

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You both deserve little vestiges of individuality and personal ownership in your shared home. Because, let’s be real, you’re up in each other’s shit enough as it is. Having matching nightstands will not only bring a sense of calm and balance to the bedroom, it will also provide each of you with personal space for your books and trinkets.

11. A Charging Station For All Your Devices


If you keep chargers all over the place, you’re both gonna lose them (you know it, and I know it). Consolidate and conquer!

12. A Portable Bathroom Speaker

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I once read somewhere that “everybody poops.” This fact remains true even if you’re living with a significant other. Having a little music player in the bathroom will allow for more *ahem* privacy when it comes to matters in the lavatory.

13. “Poo-pourri” Toilet Spray


As I stated above: everybody poops. You both know you do it, but you don’t need the evidence wafted in your face.

14. A Shower Drain Hair-Catcher


Boys do not understand shedding, which is very frustrating and annoying. Keep his complaints at bay with this handy hair-catcher (gross name, apologies) in the drain of your shower.

15. Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnet


A nice way to stay on the same page about the dishes without having to actually TALK about the dishes.

16. A Fucking NEVER-ENDING Supply Of Toilet Paper


Please. If you take away nothing else from this post, at least invest in a jumbo-pack of toilet paper. You WILL go through it. You WILL thank me. And you WILL NEVER be stranded (on the toilet, at least).

Now go forth and split that rent, dammit!

giphy5 16 Relationship Saving Products For Living With Your SO


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