8 Ways To Get Him Aroused Without Touching Him

Men have it pretty easy. While it sometimes takes women a lot to get in the mood, for dudes, it can just be a thought that gets them going.

And while that may be somewhat of an exaggeration, it kind of isn’t. Men are fascinating in that it takes very little to get them stimulated. And once they get started, there’s no turning back!

If you want to turn up the heat without even coming into physical contact with your man, here is a list of things you can do the next time you see him.

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1. Infuse some sexy in your outfit

doina ciobanu leather pants knotted shirt lace bra choker collage 8 Ways To Get Him Aroused Without Touching Him

Let your bra strap show. Maybe open up a button (or two) of your top. Or, wear something very form-fitting.  If they see your skin or your curves, it will make them think of sex.

2. Build the mood

“Leave messages around hinting at what you want to do later or send him a sexy picture,” says dating and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash. “The anticipation is arousing for many.”

3. Be aware of body language


Body language is still one of the most powerful ways to connect. It’s a way to get closer and feel closer just via physical expression, yet without touching. “Maintain eye contact, smile and turn your body towards him if you’re next to each other. Stroke your wine glass gently while you’re talking. These cues signal attraction,” says Syrtash. 

4. Talk dirty

The best way to get a man aroused is by being vocal with what you want. “Saying things like ‘I like it when you do this’ or ‘It really turns me on when you touch me here’ will get him all riled up,” says Susan Colvin, CEO of CalExotics.

5. Have some fun together

Try a pair of vibrating panties. “Slip them on and give him the remote,” says Colvin. “This sense of control will send him over the edge.”

6. Get your sext on


Send your man naughty texts throughout the day. This anticipation can lead to a hot and steamy night, says Colvin.

7. Touch yourself

Masturbating in front of your man is a common fantasy for dudes everywhere, and it’s also a win-win, in that you get pleasured and he learns what makes you come. “He’s getting turned on watching you, and you’re also reaping the benefits. Do it with your fingers, or play with a sleek sex toy, like a multi-erogenous zone massager (which is as visually appealing as it is pleasurable),” says Ron Braverman, CEO of Doc Johnson.

8. Go shopping

Shop for something that you know will give you both a thrill, whether it’s a pair of silky handcuffs, a sex toy you’ve been talking about and wanted to try, or a racy lingerie set. “When he walks into the bedroom, have your surprise purchase out and on display. Show it to him, and watch his face light up. He’ll get the picture… very quickly,” says Braverman.

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