How The Hell Is ‘Fingermouthing’ The New Selfie Trend?

The ascent of Instagram meant the rise of the selfie as a canon, but canon based on trends— a seemingly oxymoronic notion that makes sense when we consider the transient nature of everything millennial-related. Our careers. Our homes. Our ‘life plans,’ whatever that means.

In other words, there are a set of unspoken rules dictating a ‘good’ selfie, but a consistent slew of trends can bend these.

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Like the ‘duckface’. Once as widespread as the plague, now just as repugnant. Similar trends of the past year: Squinching, to achieve sexy eyes. T-Rex hands, which is so stupid-looking it’s hard to believe it was a thing. Fishgaping, which is just an update on the Olsen’s ‘Prune’ hack. Sparrowfacing, which I’m still trying to distinguish from duckfacing and fishgaping.

Now…‘fingermouthing.’ Coined by BuzzFeed and popularized by the Jenners/Kardashians, fingermouthing is a fairly self-explanatory portmanteau. The subtleties include a faux-mellowness about it, as though the subject’s beautifully manicured fingers just happened to be caught in front of/tugging on/in some way touching her beautifully made-up lips.

Move Forward

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As mentioned, Kylie Jenner is almost wholly to blame (in popularizing, if not ‘inventing’ it). She takes full responsibility, in turn blaming her deep-seeded lip insecurity for the fingermouth pandemic.

“I was so insecure about my lips,” she told ELLE UK, of her pre-Juvederm days. “Even now I always post photos where my finger is always in front of my mouth…it’s a habit. I would always cover my lips.”

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So there we go. That’s why fingermouthing is a new selfie trend. Because Kylie Jenner used to be self conscious about her lips. What’s next? Palmbrowing, for those not keen on their eyebrows? Knucklenosing, for the nasally anxious?

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