Kylie Jenner Reacts To Her First Gray Hair

On one hand, Kylie Jenner has it all: money, fame, and krazy Kardashian kurves. On the other, she was thrust onto cable television when she was nine years old, the entire world scrutinizing her every atom through the awkward transition from child, to preteen, to teen, to adult.

It’s a stressful life, and one sad consequence of a stressful existence is graying hair. At age 18, Kylie’s first gray hair appeared. We know this because she shared a video of it’s extraction on her Snapchat.

Aw, Kiley. Happens to the best of us. Even genetic/reality TV royalty is not spared the human condition of mortality. At the end of the video, a chick can be heard saying “If you take it out, she’ll get more” and the gray-hair-extractor responds, “nah, that’s an old wives tale,” which begs the question, is it? Is it just an old wive’s tale? 

It’s an important question. And yet, this isn’t the first time Kylie’s IG has raised some valid questions as of late. Here are several more:

1. Why doesn’t Kylie eat the crust on her pizza? Has she ever heard of cheese-filled crust?

2. Does Kylie actually know the words to this song?

3. Does Kylie understand how a fast food kitchen works?

4. Wait, these aren’t pajamas?

5. Does Kylie rent out the entire movie theatre when she goes to the movies?

6. How much do you love this, on a scale from 1 to 1 million?

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